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Sage Workshops offers a variety of seminars for groups of all sizes, as well as personal assessments. Below you will find brief descriptions of each seminar along with a link to more information on each individual workshop.

We are also also able to customize a seminar according to the needs of your particular group. Please call (360) 920-1125 or email us at for more information.


Would you like to offer your employees a chance to practice Yoga - QiGong - Meditation during their work day?

Contact Maureen about setting up a class onsite - or a special retreat that would encompass all of these.
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Chakra Play - The Magical Vibration of You
Energy Types - Personality, Chakras & Balance
Heart Rhythm Meditation
It Takes All Types - MBTI® Workshop
Individual, Couple & Family Consults
Wine Types: Discover Your Inner Grape
Couples Workshop: Making Relationships Play
Teaching Type: MMTIC/MBTI® in Schools


Join Maureen Kelly, author of
The Magical Vibration of You

for an interactive workshop combining
sound, affirmation, motion and more
to bring about life balance.
Maureen Kelly
Sound can be used to transmute emotions and dissolve obstacles that are creating fear, resistance
and attachment in our lives - blockages to our happiness. We can tap into the basis of the stuck emotion or life circumstance needing attention and pinpoint a chakra (or chakras)  that correspond with the situation.   Using the associated seed sounds, we will address areas such as:
* Setting healthy boundaries... When does 'being nice' become enabling?
* Honoring life purpose... Feel the calling but can’t quite define it? Let's explore.

.... as well as how Meridian Tapping & Personality Types can play into the mix.

Sound is a healing agent that can benefit each of us.
Come see how you can integrate it more fully into your own life.

Stay close to any sounds that make you glad you are alive. - Hafiz

chakra play events

Bookstore & Wellness Center
SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2013
Bookstore & Wellness Center
Everett, WA
1:30 - 4:30
Workshop & Book Signing
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inspire studio
SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2013
Inspire Studio
Bellingham, WA
2:30 - 5:00
Workshop & Book Signing
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How your personality can affect your health and what you can do about it...

Where East meets West...

Based on the book of the same name, an Energy Types workshop is an experiential seminar where we will first be introduced the MBTI®/Jungian-based theory behind our personalities and then proceed to learning about our chakras (energy fields) and how the two area are related.

Breathing practices (Pranayama), Mudras (Hand yoga), Meditation as well as intro to some important yoga postures for each field will be shared.

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Energize your Heart in 4 Dimensions

heart rhythm meditation

Shifting the culture from the mind to the heart...

Introduction to a heart-centered exercise in which you become conscious of your heartbeat and your breathing, bringing them into entrainment. Through recognition of the different dimensions of the heart and breathing exercises, we achieve physical, emotional and spiritual benefit.

We will also be spending some time using the Heart Rate Variability Instrument which is explained more in depth below.

To quote the founders of this particular type of meditation, Puran and Susanna Bair,

"Heart Rhythm Meditation is a downward meditation, bringing down spirit and anchoring it in your heart. HRM is especially designed to be practical in everyday life. Whereas most meditations are a relief from the stress of life, HRM is a rehearsal for life, the way you'd like to live it. HRM actually increases your ability to handle stress. This can be shown by a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) instrument, which shows precisely the condition of your heart, stressed or not.

* Heart Rhythm Meditation is the only technique that develops such heart awareness that you will actually feel your heartbeat. It has many physical benefits,
emotional benefits, and spiritual benefits.

* Heart Rhythm Meditation is all about the heart. The intention is to experience the mystics' saying,

"I am a part of all things and all things are a part of me."

HRM will not diminish your ego or turn off your mind. It puts your ego at the service of your heart, which makes the ego stronger while more useful. HRM quiets your mind by giving it something to focus upon: your breath and heartbeat. Even more important, HRM gives relief to your heart by bringing up appreciation and gratitude, without willfullness or struggle. It is an emotional meditation, yielding joy and tenderness."

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A Myers-Briggs ® Communication Workshop

Join Maureen for a workshop that will not only make you more aware of your own strengths and "flow of energy", but enable you to greatly increase your understanding of those who see things differently than you do. A wonderful look at the positive effects of diversity and getting along.

This seminar runs a minimum of 90 minutes - or can be expanded upon as a half-day workshop, with needs tailored to your group.

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Getting married?
Or just want to learn more about communicating with your partner?
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MBTI® Sessions for you and your family...
Just because we are part of the same family does not mean that we are all alike. Behaviors and perceptions can vary widely. By becoming more aware of why our parents, siblings and children do the things they do and see things the way they do, we can greatly enhance the harmony in the home.
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How Does Your Type Fit In?

Hosting a wine tasting? Or perhaps the social ice breaker prior to a weekend retreat? Here is the perfect solution...

"WINE TYPES".... SO...
Are you a MERLOT?

"Terroir" vs. winemaker influence.,,

Just as we are born with certain personality characteristics, we are then influenced by our environment. "WINE TYPES" is a way of looking at who we are - and which wine varietal we most resemble.

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wine types

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"Teaching Type"
elementary level high school level

"Teaching Type" (ELEMENTARY LEVEL) is a three-dimensional approach to increased communication between:
* Teachers and Kids
* Parents and Kids
* Teachers and Parents

Using the world-renowned tools, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children™, we are able to shed a light in the often 'shadowy' nooks and crannies of understanding. Teaching styles often run contrary to the learning styles of our kids. And differing communication styles between parents & kids can also result in unnecessary conflict. This worskhop is designed to alleviate potential problems through increased mutual understanding.

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"Teaching Type" (HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL) a one or two day workshop, emphasizes how our unique teaching & learning styles can affect the potential learning abilities of students as well as the communication among the teaching staff. First we look at the personality types of the teachers. This information is then integrated into several areas including conflict resolution, team analysis and how this information can help teachers with strategies in the classroom that will reach a much greater percentage of students and alleviate conflict among educators.

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IT'S ABOUT TIME.... to manage yours.

A look at...
* how our personality affects our use of time (as well as our communication with others)
* making the most of what you can and can't control (coming to terms with reality)
* time, balance and what's most important (putting first things first- and still getting ahead)

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