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Every soul is on a unique journey, yet we are all connected.

As fellow travelers in this amazing experience of life,
I look forward to serving with you.

Consults available through phone, ZOOM
or locally (northern Washington area) in person.
Click here for more info.

Whether through the healing power of touch (acupressure),
sound therapy (Chakra Play) ,
movement (flow yoga/qigong),
breathwork and meditation or personality insights (MBTI®),
my goal is that our time together will offer you
clarity and heart-based direction.

About Maureen & sage butterfly...

In a nutshell, Maureen is an author, workshop leader, chakra yoga teacher, acupressure and sound healing practitioner, heart rhythm meditation instructor, AND animal enthusiast, certified in Vibrational Healing for 4-leggeds as well.

She has also been a consultant in the many uses of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for over30 years working with all size businesses as well as individuals to increase communication and awareness of life direction.

Maureen Kelly
The major theme that seems to shine through all of her learning and teaching is the practice of WELLNESS...and the role that we play in celebrating our own personal wellbeing, be that physical, emotional or spiritual. All three of these realms merge into one as 'Soul Balance.'


Below find a recap of her books and to learn more about her Chakra Yoga classes, workshops, sound healing and one-on-one consults please visit the links to the left.

Blessings, Peace & Joy to all!!

Books by Maureen:

CHAKRA PLAY.... THE MAGICAL VIBRATION OF YOU: A simple 'how-to' book celebrating the use of sound and intention to honor balance within our energy fields. Addressing various life situations, we experience how toning can reinstate balance. Also, a look at meridian tapping and its role in chakra play, sound and personality as well as enhancing the well-being of your pets through sound. OPEN HEART- GRATITUDE- INNER PEACE. SOUND CAN BRING YOU THERE.
GURU: The syllable 'gu' means shadows, the syllable 'ru', he who disperses them, Because of the power to disperse darkness, the guru is thus named.- Advayataraka Upanishad 14—18, verse 5

Welcome to the world of POCKET GURUS - Guidance on the Go. Inspiration for busy lives & busy minds... an oracle to carry with you.
energy types PERSONALITY + CHAKRAS = ENERGY TYPES - A Convergence of Roads Where East Meets West. Drawing on the teachings of the timeless Jungian-based instrument, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Energy Types offers an overview of personality type and an insightful look at how innate characteristics can affect the balance within our Chakra System. With the guidance of ‘toolkits’ for each chakra, the reader is offered a series of yoga flows, affirmations and meditations to enhance and fortify the physical, emotional and spiritual; this in the hope of achieving true overall well-being.

Wine Types: Discover Your Inner Grape - a look at wine and personality. A fun way to get to know yourself better and understand others in your life as well. A seminar is also available -great for wine tastings or as an ice breaker at a longer convention.
Pet Types: Communing Heart to Heart - a look at our relationship with animals, what we can learn from them and their huge impact our lives. (Includes an assessment to compare your personalities, catanalities, doganalities, etc) She has also created a documentary called "Old Friends, Timeless Love" all about the pairing of seniors with seniors across the United States - a perfect match up.

PS. And last, but certainly not least, she is currently "Mom" to one rescue cat (Sukanya) and one rescue dog (Nanda). Many of her dear kitties and doggies went 'home' over the past few years...:( And condo living limits the number of furry kids I can have right now). Butjust you wait! I 'see' more furry ones coming...

Peace in my mind, peace in my heart, peace in my soul,
Wherever I'm going, I'm already home. - Jason Mraz


Yoga Certification - Aura Wellness Center, Attleboro, MA - Paul Jerard
Heart Rhythm Meditation - Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart, Tucson, AZ - Puran & Susanna Bair
Sound Healing Certification - Globe Institute, San Francisco, CA - David Gibson
VoiceBio™ - Dr. Kae Thompson-Liu
Acupressure - School of Natural Health Sciences, UK
Animal Acupressure Training Academy, Nevada City, CA - Dr. Thomas Wilson
Master Acupressure Course - Dr. Michael Gach
Aromatherapy - School of Natural Health Sciences, UK

To contact Maureen: sagebutterfly2@comcast.net * (360) 920-1125
Trust in the Magic.

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*Information found on sagebutterfly.com is not intended to offer diagnosis, treatment, or prescriptions of any kind. The decision to use or not to use any information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Chakra Play© is a holistic method of health maintenance, not a form of medicine. If you have an illness or disease, please seek medical attention from a qualified doctor.