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Learning How To Meditate?

If you are interested in either learning how to meditate or just looking for a 'space' to come into the quiet within, please contact me for more info. In this 'adrenal-overloaded' world we find ourselves in, it has never been more necessary to experience times of silence and 'non-doing' and carry this peace into our daily lives.

I look forward to sharing this time of 'inner journeying' with you.

"Inner Peace Investment":
$65 for first session - approx. 1 hour.
Follow up sessions 30 minutes at $35.

Questions? Just shoot me an email: sagebutterfly2@comcast.net

Click here for an amazing overview of the countless benefits of meditation, compiled by Meditation Practitioner, Giovanni Dienstmann.

If your business or group is interested in learning more about meditation,
please contact me to chat about setting up either a one time introduction
or a regular meeting time.

qigong-meditation class

During this time of 'social distancing', consider joining me for Chakra Yoga
and Qigong/Meditation classes via 'Zoom'. Click here for more info.

Below please find a 'buffet' of Movement Visualizations and Meditations ... I will be adding to the mix on a regular basis. Also, please let me know if you have a particular issue that you would like to address through this form of energy work.
Blessings!! - Maureen

Meditation for Inner Power, Strength and Stamina

Below find a short practice that aims to instill a sense of inner power in a time where it's easy to feel 'out of control' - or even numb. We'll use breathwork (Pranayama), sound, a mudra (hand yoga position) and then go into a short meditation using the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" - a Tibetan Buddhist mantra honoring the Lotus Flower and the beauty within and around us.

(If you can't see the meditation video below, please click here.)

Emotionally Free In Trying Times

Below you will find a video that will introduce some acupressure points as well as a meditation to address some of the emotions you may find yourself going through during this time of dealing with a pandemic.

I find myself vacillating between fear, frustration, optimism and gratitude... thankfully the optimism and gratitude usually win out.:) This, I believe, is due to these various acupoints that I work with as well as the mantra 'Om Moksha' - honoring emotional freedom.

(If you can't see the meditation video below, please click here.)

Click here for additional videos to assist with finding balance and inner peace.

Meditation for Peace
(If you can't see the meditation video below, please click here.)

And a beautiful prayer from the wonderful Tosha Silver from her "Change Me Prayers" book:

Change me into one who knows how to relax completely, sleep deeply, and receive all of the blessings of every moment as they arise.

Change me into one who deeply trusts the Divine Plan.
May I feel gratitude and ease every day.

May I remain centered in all conditions, even those which are volatile or difficult. Hold me in my center. I relax in calm peace,
knowing all is in perfect Divine Order. I am safe. All is well.

Shavayatra - Points of Light Meditation

Click here to access a meditation to invite a sense of calm, peace and healing to your whole Being - body, mind, soul & spirit. It's so important we practice Loving-Kindness with ourselves as well!

Many blessings to you!

Releasing Areas of Habitual Tension

Relax and Let Go

Many of the areas where we physically tense up become ingrained, a habitual pattern that we often are no longer even aware of. Whether it's the shoulders, neck, jaw, hands, belly, or buttocks area, we can find ourselves 'holding on' whenever something stressful crosses our mind. And the more often we do this, the more that particular area remains in a state of contraction.

I would like to offer you a mantra and a little meditation practice to bring more awareness and therefore some relief to these areas of stress and tension.

(Here is a written version and below please find an audio of the meditation as well.)

First begin by taking three deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, sighing the exhale completely out to the bottom of the breath. When complete, come back to a natural breath and bring your attention to an area of the body where you may habitually find yourself holding on. As you breathe with full awareness, repeat the mantra 'Relax' on the inhale and 'Let Go' the exhale, picturing a soothing waterfall of cooling energy washing through this area, cleansing and clearing any constriction. Repeat this for several breaths, each time sensing more and more tension leaving this part of the body, replaced with a sense of peace, softness and ease.

These areas where we hold on without even being aware of it become like a memory pattern in our physical structure. In order for us to release them, it's important to come back to this breath pattern several times a day, thereby instilling a new pattern that is healthy rather than constricting.

Wishing you freedom and complete well-being in every area of your life.



let go

Above Waterfall Courtesy of Tim Foster on Unsplash

Morning Prayer (or Anytime)


I'd like to share a Morning Prayer with you.
(Audio version found below. And "Sea of Tranquility" point is found in the center of the breastbone.)

Begin in Sea of Tranquility for several breaths repeating…

I am LOVE.
I radiate LOVE.

Now with hands gently resting on heart space:

I am eager and ready to accept all of the magic, miracles and blessings the Universe is offering me this moment and today... I open my arms and heart to receive.

Filled now and surrounded by warm, golden light, this healing energy flows out in concentric circles around me and into my unfolding destiny.

I share these blessings with all sentient beings... in joy and gratitude for another day to laugh and play and love and serve.

I am pure light, I am pure energy, I am pure love in motion as I joyfully serve on Mother Earth.

Dear Spirit, allow this blissful momentum to carry me in the river of your love, as I gratefully, lovingly, and joyfully flow and flourish in this service and soul expansion.

Click here for audio version.

Metta - Loving Kindness


A method for coming into heart clarity is through the practice of Metta Bhavana - Loving Kindness Meditation. Here we recognize love for ourselves, for others in our lives and for all sentient Beings. Below are the words that I use for Metta followed by an audio version for your own personal practice as well.

May I be well.
May I be happy.
May I be free of suffering.

Picturing someone you love and care for:
May you be well.
May you be happy.
May you be free of suffering.

Picturing all of your loved ones:
May you be well.
May you be happy.
May you be free of suffering.

Picturing someone you may be having a challenge with:
May you be well.
May you be happy.
May you be free of suffering.

Picturing all Sentient Beings:
May you be well.
May you be happy.
May you be free of suffering.

Click here for the audio meditation.

Qigong Flow for Direction & Inner Peace
(If you cannot access the video, please click here to refresh your page.)

Whether as a balm for the stress and 'busy-ness' of the season,
or a practice for every day calm and clarity, Bamboo is
and easy, simple flow to rely upon.

Flow for Life Transition

AFFIRMATION: I gracefully embrace new beginnings,
Divinely supported every step of the way.

Are YOU In the Flow?

When we are feeling secure and grounded we are able to come in to movement, access the flow of our lives and move forward with purpose. When we are fearful, we have a tendency to resist 'what is' which leads only to stagnation and more fear.

In the video below I would like to introduce you to a yoga flow that encourages STABILITY… MOVEMENT… AND BALANCE. (With my 'co-host', Simba...) ;)

Stable & In Flow

The 2-3-4 Flow...

What Would You Do or Say...


Our Breath... The Pathway to Balance & Inner Peace

As we visit each of our chakras (energy fields) we will bring emphasis to their correlations with the various elements as well as a specific breathing practice AND an affirmation that will include the masterful words, "I Am."

If you find your self in a state of worry, fear, stress -
here is a short video offering a Breath/Acupressure Combo to
Calm the Spirit

(If you can't see the video, please click here to refresh your screen.)

trust love
Trust Love ... and it will wrap you in its warm embrace.

Click here to access an mp3 of this meditation.


May you find balance and peace within as you sever any cords of attachment
preventing you from experiencing your true, free self.

Click here to play.

Background music from David Gibson's 'Enlightenment'.
(Click here to access David's beautiful repertoire of music.)

Waterfall Meditation

Take a deep breath and picture yourself standing next to a beautiful, cascading waterfall, the sounds of the rushing water filling the air... you are standing close enough to feel a light spray from the falls mist gently over your face...

See yourself now inside this waterfall that becomes pure white light. Imagine this waterfall of light flowing down over the top of your head and down over your body, removing any stress you may be holding. See the beautiful crystal white light filling you and flowing into you, bringing you peace and relaxation. This waterfall is pure universal energy - pouring in through the top of your head and filling you with universal love and joy.

Imagine this white light now going directly to any parts of your body that need healing.

Take a few moments to breathe in these restoring qualities wherever you need them...Feel the light flowing through your body, aligning all the cells so they work perfectly... bringing your entire chakra system into balance - from your spine... your sacral area... the core of your being in your solar plexus... your heart area... and throat... the space between your brows... up into the crown of your head... a beautiful ray of healing light spreading to all areas of your physical and astral bodies...

Next, bring in the waterfall energy to strengthen your mind. Feel it giving you the power of better understanding and clarity of purpose. See the light filling your mind with the knowing that you are perfectly guided.

Rest easy now in peaceful repose...body, mind and spirit in flawless alignment.

Seaside Dance Meditation

It's just turning dusk on an autumn evening...

You walk along a wooded path, pine trees along the way ushering welcome, the pungent scent of their needles wafting through the air...

Now you hear the sound of the sea calling...

You emerge onto an expanse of white silky beach- stretching seemingly forever.

The earlier sting of the hot sand now mellowed into a cool resilience beneath your feet. Feel the coolness massaging your toes, the bottoms of your feet, your heels as you walk towards the water.

seaside dance
The waves roll gently to and fro- the horizon a deep blue-black, the water at your feet becoming translucent as it melts into the white sand...

The moon above - almost half-full, casts a crescent glow over the rolling current.

You settle now onto the sand, merging into the tranquility of your surroundings...

The gentle breeze that caresses your skin, the velvety sand beneath you, the rhythmic waves rippling towards you and away...

Breathe it all in...

You sense a rhythm within you as well- an affinity with the sensations of the night.

Your inhale, the rise of the waves
Your exhale, the ebbing...
Your heartbeat as well matches the cadence of the sea.
Beating.... beating... beating...

Breathe it all in...

The stars begin now to emerge one by one, mirroring thoughts that arise and either linger or sparkle and fade...
Be aware of them and let them go.

Lose yourself in the timelessness of the moment. Recognize our oneness with all of nature...
The unity with the One Source, the oneness that abides in peace, balance and harmony... harmony with all.

Rejoice in the bliss of this seaside dance... Breathe it all in....

To contact Maureen: sagebutterfly2@comcast.net * (360) 920-1125

Trust in the Magic.

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