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A Philosophical Blog

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sage tidings - a blog

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Greetings ...

I look forward to sharing ideas, yoga flows, meditations, poetry, and general (sometimes off the wall) life commentary with you on this page. Welcome.
Bo Admiring Roses

Pre-Dawn Musings On Love

This is a blog that I shared some time back but felt drawn to repost. It was shortly prior to the time my dear Pimmy (Simba) went home and in her wise elderly state, opened my eyes to various life lessons. There were many sleepless nights as she often chose predawn hours to impart this wisdom.

Fast-forward two years and I am being 'serenaded' this time around by my Italian tenor, Bianco Nove.

Bianco Nove in his Quieter Moments

Having relocated early July to our condo living accommodations, his embrace of the new abode has taken some time to develop and he, mostly at night, shares his growing pains with me in a very vocal manner. (The biggest difference is that Pimmy's performances capped off at about an hour. Bianco Nove is more into all-nighters… Sigh.)

In any case, this encouraged me to resurrect this article as the message within remains pertinent at any time, perhaps even more so during the holiday season and a rather tenuous time in our evolution:

3 a.m. … I'm awakened by my dear 20 year old kitty, Simba, who has chosen to 'serenade' me with her middle-of-the night feline opera.

When silence is restored, I remain sleepless, various thoughts entering and leaving the landscape of my mind. Then, unbidden, I find myself pondering the essence of the words 'I love you.' I consciously drop from my head to my heart into a state of 'Being-ness' as I contemplate these words. What do I really mean when I tell someone "I love you?" Am I sharing this from a fully cognizant state? Or perhaps sometimes from a place of neediness? From an expectation of the same feeling in return? What does it REALLY mean?

What I realized is that when we truly come from a pure heart as we share these precious words, we are wishing that Being freedom… Loving is neither 'clingy nor presumptuous. Connection without attachment. It allows and encourages TOTAL FREEDOM to be who they are.

When we love someone from that place we are offering them the gift of peace. In Sanskrit there is a wonderful mantra that I share in my yoga classes: "Moksha". This equates to a sense of emotional freedom, unencumbered by fear, by anger, by worry, by any feelings that fail to honor joy, openness and adventure on this earthly journey.

That is love. So now whenever I say the words, 'I love you' - which I say often - they will be coming from an intention of 'May you be free… May YOU be free…"

So my friends reading this, I love you. I wish you peace. I wish you the ULTIMATE in life, which is Freedom on every level.


What if the stars
are nothing more
than the reflection of light
within our own hearts?
And as each heart opens
a new star emerges…
A constellation of pure love.
A galaxy of oneness.

- Maureen
© sage butterfly

galaxy of oneness
(Photo courtesy of Pixaba.com)





Access archives of previous sage tidings articles by visiting...


A Philosophical Blog



I will be be teaching various other workshops this year, to include Acupressure for Women and Acupressure for Pets in various locations. Please email me or check back on my site for information regarding dates and further details.

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PRESS HERE: Acupressure (& More) For Animals

bless our dear pets

*If you have a group interested in learning more about the benefits of acupressure as far as seasonal health, women's health, pets or overall benefits, please contact me for more info.


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MEDITATION - Private & Group Offerings

If you are privately interested in learning more about establishing a meditation practice, or your workplace would like to have access to a practice onsite, please contact me for more info.

Come into the silence of you and tap into a place of knowingness and peace.

I’ve come to meditation for the very first time in my 70’s.  With Maureen guiding us into deep relaxation,  it comes fairly easily,  with a wonderful feeling of peace and calm.  Very, very good for any of us with a hectic “normal” life,  reminding us of what is possible. - M.S.
Maureen’s relaxation techniques and her provision of a meaningful meditation Mantra makes for a deep and enjoyable meditation experience. I appreciate the chance to attend only to myself and to only recognize the external world – but then let it go. - L.S.

meditation gathering


Authentically YOU - Family Relationships,
Career & Life Transitions


As a long-time consultant in the uses of both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) as well as the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC®), I have witnessed first-hand the clarity and guidance these two instruments offer particularly in the world of...

* Family relationship - Learning to honor communication and diversity within the family unit

As well as...

* Individuals seeking life direction during times of transition: changing jobs, retirement, loss of a loved one, geographical move...

For more information about these instruments and consultations,
please visit http://www.sageworkshops.net/mbti.html



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in an effort to raise awareness of her captivity...
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The captive killer whale, known by her stage name "Lolita," has been in the smallest orca display tank in America for 45 years.

It is TIME for her to retire and go home to her FAMILY.

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A Tribute to Love

Jack the Buddha Kitty
Monkey last trip to meadows.
Angel Pim
My best friend, Bo.
(and my other dear animal companions)

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