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sage tidings - a blog

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Greetings ...

I look forward to sharing ideas, yoga flows, meditations, poetry, general life commentary and more with you on this page. Welcome.
Bo Admiring Roses

Day of Resilience

“I do not want you to go through life with a heavy weight on your shoulders, bowed down by the cares of the world. I need you free…”
- Eileen Caddy

This morning as I read this quote from Eileen’s June 1st entry in her book “Doors Opening Within’ I felt such a wave of both grief AND optimism. Each day after taking in her daily meditation, I go to my gratitude journal and write my own prayer/affirmation for that day. This, most certainly in response to what our country/world is now experiencing, is what came out:

(Photo courtesy of Lynn Nash.)

Dear Spirit,
Help me trust that even in the darkest of days,
the strength and resilience of LOVE
are available to me and everyone.

I look to the masters who have succeeded
in living this Truth:
Jesus, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh…
each of these leaders though experiencing the very throes of adversity,
were able to maintain a steady, open Heart.

(It’s within each and every one of us.)
Thank you.

- It’s a day of RESILIENCE.

And so my prayer for each and every one of us is that we dig deep, trust, and be there for each other. Yes, despite the pandemic. Despite the rioting. As Barefoot would say, “It’s OK, It’s OK, It’s OK. (Because it is.) But it requires the courage of an open, steady Heart.

Love, Blessings & Namasté
expect miracles

(Expect Miracles.)

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A Philosophical Blog


What if the stars
are nothing more
than the reflection of light
within our own hearts?
And as each heart opens
a new star emerges…
A constellation of pure love.
A galaxy of oneness.

- Maureen
© sage butterfly

galaxy of oneness
(Photo courtesy of Pixaba.com)

A Tribute to Love

Jack the Buddha Kitty
Monkey last trip to meadows.
Angel Pim
My best friend, Bo.
Bianco Nove
(and my other dear animal companions)

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Trust in the Magic.

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