The Return of the Gurus… 

Hi All,
I'm so happy to introduce my newest book:
“Pocket Guru Morning Guidance (A Daily Dose of Gratitude)".

Pocket Gurus Morning Guidance

I have been keeping a morning gratitude journal for several years now and this is a compilation of 366 prayers/affirmations - one for each day of the year - to inspire a positive mindset at the beginning of each day. 

To quote the back cover:

May this book offer you a brief yet
powerful sentiment to begin your day.
May it be a touchstone to tap into
positive energy and gratitude for all
the gifts in our lives. It truly begins
within each one of us, the ability to be
and share peace. This is my wish for
you and for ALL BEINGS.

Many blessings to you this day and always.

Peace & Love,

Sample Pages from Pocket Guru Morning Guidance:)

January 16

Each day, each moment
Is an opportunity
to say YES to life.
Teach me, Spirit, to remain
open to the new
(even when the path is foggy.)
-Thank you.

It's a day of NEW ADVENTURES.

July 5

may I be aware of the power
of my attitude and
the magnet-like attraction
of my thoughts,
moment by moment.
-Thank you.

It's a day of CHOICE.

It's a Day of Miracles

August 30

Breathe in
and pause...
Allow the light of miracles
to announce itself.
Breathe out fully...
Send that light out
on to the path that
-Thank you.

It's a day of MIRACLES.

It's a Day of Miracles

September 27

I put my hand in Yours and say,
"Thy Will Be Done"
and take that step
into the unknown
in faith and love.
-Thank you.

It's a day of NEW BEGINNINGS.

new beginnings...

P.S. If you are interested in ordering a copy please see below. The cost of a book including tax is $18.50. (With shipping & handling anywhere in U.S. $23.00)

Payments can be made through PayPal at the following link:

If paying with PayPal, please be sure to include your name and mailing address. Also it will give you the option of 'request' or 'send' - please select 'send'. This is something new and can be confusing.:)

(If you prefer to pay by check, please make it payable to Maureen Kelly and send to 7806 Birch Bay Drive, # 703, Blaine, WA 98230)

P.P.S. They will also be available at my yoga classes.:)

And perhaps consider this as a Christmas/Holiday present...
a daily reminder to go gently within
and then share kindness in the world around us.