"RE-LA-TION-SHIP": The way two or more people (or organizations) regard and behave toward each other"

For "smooth sailing" the following is required:
BAROMETER: be prepared for 'changes in weather' by being able to anticipate tendencies
COMPASS: know where you are going and whether your destinations are in sync
GEAR: be willing to brave the occasional storm- the sun is there whether you see it or not

Whether you have come together because "opposites attracted" OR because you have "so much in common", either scenario requires a mutual awareness of "type".

Some typical behavior patterns we will visit...

Do you have a hard time finding your keys?

Do you believe their should be a 'cap' on the amount of conversation shared each day?

Do you think it's okay to just 'round up' when balancing the check book?

Do you try to keep everyone happy?

Just an idea of what we'll be covering...
You will be filling out a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (assessment) for yourself as well as on your partner. This information can be priceless as far as giving you CONCRETE information about how well you truly know one another. And as an added benefit, your results will provide you with valuable info as far as your own life direction (career, etc.)

Workshop Fees: regularly $149 per couple but...

So, please 'climb on board' and join Maureen Kelly & sage workshops for a journey that will help you
make the most of being True Companions.

P.S. Maureen is also available to hold a TRUE COMPANIONS workshop at your location (church, community center etc.)
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