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Greetings to You this Amazing (almost) Spring Day!

Meditation / Mindfulness... And The Gifts It Offers

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This email comes to you as a blessing and also as a heart-filled request. Having taught over 3000 meditations - to groups, individuals, yoga students and clients - my heart is directing me to widen my focus. I am feeling called to offer this simple but profound practice to businesses, hospitals, schools - anywhere and everywhere that I KNOW people can benefit from the gifts we derive from 'letting go' and going within.

As we find ourselves in a time of perhaps unprecedented uneasiness and often actual despair, I believe it has never been so important to have the ability to 'stop the noise' and find inner peace. And from this state of harmony, besides all of the personal benefits, we can also transform the outer sense of chaos and fear just with our presence.

So... my request.
If you are aware of any businesses, institutions, etc. who would be open to offering a mindfulness practice to their staff, I would be very appreciative of your assistance in contacting them. This could be a one-time introduction or even more potent, a weekly or bi-weekly offering for employees to take part in.

In the words of Gangaji:

When I recognized that I had done everything I knew to do,
and still there was a force of suffering alive in me,
I called out to the universe.
The great benefit of that prayer was that it brought me to a teacher,
who said, "Stop everything."
When I really understood what that meant, it meant stop trying to escape,
stop trying to be somebody, stop trying to get away, stop trying to survive,
stop trying to be safe, stop trying to get something,
stop trying to keep something away.
It actually means, "Be still."
~ Gangaji ~





P.S. Click here for more information regarding the benefits of meditation/mindfulness.


Grateful for this Miracle of Life.
(Now. And Now. And Now...)

Grateful for this Miracle of Life. (Now. And Now. And Now...)

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“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.”
—Eckhart Tolle (author, The Power of Now)

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