Understanding each other. "Teaching Type" is a three-dimensional approach to increased communication between:
* Teachers and Kids
* Parents and Kids
* Teachers and Parents

Using the world-renowned tools, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children™, we are able to shed a light in the often “shadowy” nooks and crannies of understanding.

We do this by focusing on:
* How we see reality
* How we make our decisions
* Where we get our energy &
* Our lifestyle approach

This information is then related to how children learn -
and how adults perceive them based on their own
personality types.

Course Setup:

1) The MMTIC™ is administered to children
2) The MBTI® is taken by parents and teachers
3) A workshop is presented to teachers and parents to discuss MBTI® results and how they compare/ relate to the MMTIC™ results of the children.
4) Discussion of experiential exercises that can be used in the classroom and among teachers.

Preferred age for taking MMTIC: grades 1 through 6
(First and second graders can have the indicator read
to them to assure the understanding of the questions.)

Please call for Course Fees:

*Ask about special rates for multiple assessments.

High School Seniors: Taking the MBTI® can greatly help you in your career direction.
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Helping children understand themselves and facilitating improved relationships through this recognition.

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