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You Don't Have to Figure It Out

you don't have to figure it out

Do you currently find yourself in a life situation where the direction is feeling a little foggy - perhaps in a relationship, a health decision or maybe a financial arena? We can sometimes make ourselves a little bit crazy getting clear around what path to take.

Often this lack of clarity may lead to us feeling that our options are extremely limited or even all together blocked. That's when our head is taking over.

But when we allow ourselves to quiet the mind and connect with the heart, we open up to a myriad of possibilities just waiting for the opportunity to enter our consciousness. We create a vacuum of sorts that draws in the unexpected and often miraculous.

And while we can learn from the past as well as envision the future, I believe it is most vital to come into the present moment if we are to be clear in our choices. Only in the NOW can we truly connect with the energy necessary to move forward.

I'd like to offer a 5 step practice and short audio meditation of this process to help usher in clarity.

1) Breathe. There is nothing like becoming aware of the breath to bring you into the current moment.

2) Surrender. And I don't mean give up. As C.J. Jung so brilliantly states: "What we resist, persists." Recognize the futility of denying 'what is.'

3) Drop into your heart. (The heart always knows what is best for us.)

4) Become the observer. Take a step back from the situation and create space for answers and as you do...

5) Get quiet. Turning down the noise within from this 'witness' stance allows for miracles and beautiful synchronicities.

(Audio meditation directly below.)


Finding Clarity - Audio Meditation
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Authentically YOU - Family Relationships,
Career & Life Transitions


As a long-time consultant in the uses of both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) as well as the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC®), I have witnessed first-hand the clarity and guidance these two instruments offer particularly in the world of...

* Family relationship - Learning to honor communication and diversity within the family unit

As well as...

* Individuals seeking life direction during times of transition: changing jobs, retirement, loss of a loved one, geographical move...

For more information about these instruments and consultations,
please visit http://www.sageworkshops.net/mbti.html


Yoga For Everyone...


Gentle Chakra Yoga Flow, Senior Yoga, Qigong-Yoga Mix

Click here for full yoga schedule.


press here for women

Upcoming Workshops

Date: Monday, July 11th * 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Venue: Sage Butterfly Studio
8059 Kayak Way, Birch Bay, WA

Click here for workshop fee & to preregister.

Date: Wednesday, July 20th * 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Venue: Crystal Heart Yoga & Healing Arts
15515 - 24t Ave. Unit 74 / Ste 202, Surrey, BC
Click here for workshop fee & to preregister.

bless our dear pets

PRESS HERE: Acupressure(& More) For PETS
Please check back or email me to keep updated.

*If you have a group interested in learning more about the benefits of acupressure as far as seasonal health, women's health, pets or overall benefits, please contact me for more info.



Blaine Chiropractic Center
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

Many of us may not have access to a place where we can remove ourselves from the 'noise' of the outside world. This is why I have been drawn to offer these sessions, both for experienced meditators as well as beginners.

Come into the silence of you and tap into a place of knowingness and peace.

"Inner Peace Investment": $5
Learn more here.

I’ve come to meditation for the very first time in my 70’s.  With Maureen guiding us into deep relaxation,  it comes fairly easily,  with a wonderful feeling of peace and calm.  Very, very good for any of us with a hectic “normal” life,  reminding us of what is possible. - M.S.
Maureen’s relaxation techniques and her provision of a meaningful meditation Mantra makes for a deep and enjoyable meditation experience. I appreciate the chance to attend only to myself and to only recognize the external world – but then let it go. - L.S.

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As I surrender to the guidance of a Higher Power,
the way becomes clear.

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