"Teaching Type" for high school level teachers introduces teachers to the world of learning and teaching styles and how DIFFERING styles can greatly affect the learning potential of the students. We also look at how differing personalities among a teaching staff can produce friction when it comes to curriculum, adhesion to rules, classroom styles and what educators find most important for the students.

Using the world-renowned tool, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to determine individual personality types, we take this information and integrate it into areas such as time management, goalsetting, conflict resolution and problem solving. We also explore different strategies which will improve the chances of teachers connecting with a greater percentage of their students as well as improving staff rapport through improved understanding of learning and teaching styles.

There are different seminar agendas to choose from - or a specific workshop can be formulated for your individual group. Below you will find descriptions of one and two day workshop schedules:

Agenda - 1 Day Teacher Seminar - (4 hour workshop)

Part 1:
'It Takes All Types' - An Introduction and Overview of the MBTI®

a) Achieving general knowledge of personality type through exploration of the four preference categories:
* Extraversion/Introversion - our energy source
* Sensing/Intuition - how we see reality
* Thinking/Feeling - how we make our decisions
* Judging/Perceiving - our lifestyle

b) MBTI results distribtution and discussion (must be completed at least 10 days prior to workshop)

c) David Kiersey’s Temperament Theory - “Shortcut” to Understanding Type

Part 2:
Teaching Type: Putting Your Knowledge Of “Type” To Work For You

a)Type Preferences & Teaching Styles -
i) Peer to Peer Communication
ii) Teacher - Student Communication

b)Type Preferences & Learning Styles
i) From the perspective of the student
ii) Testing, Homework, etc - reaching the most students effectively

c) Current Issues Facing Today’s Students
i) How knowledge of Type can increase understanding

Part 3:
Conclusion: Action Planning - Where do you go from here?

Agenda - 2 Day Teacher Seminar (4 hour workshop)

Day 1: Teaching Type - Introduction to the MBTI®

Part 1:
a) Type Theory/ Identify Individual Preferences / Power of Diversity
b) Return MBTI® Results
c) A look at your group type - strengths & weaknesses


Part 2:
a)Temperament Theory
b) Type and Time Management
c) Type and Goalsetting

Day 2: Effective Teaching & Learning - Based on Type & Temperament

Part 1:

a)Type and Conflict Resolution/Problem- Solving
b) Type and your Department - Team Analysis
c) Discussion of specific group concerns and issues


Part 2: Teaching Styles based on Temperament and Type

Part 3: Learning Styles based on Temperament and Type

Part 4: Conclusion: Action Planning - Where do you go from here?


The following statements are comments from High School teachers in Nashua, New Hampshire, after attending a 2-day workshop:

"I can't wait to use this information in the classroom as I try to reach all my students."

"This was one of the most interesting workshops I have attended. It was informative, fun and well-done!"

"Fabulous - dynamic presentation, personable presenter - great information!"

"Best workshop I have ever attended in this district- in over 30 years."

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*Ask about special rates for multiple assessments.

High School Seniors: Taking the MBTI® can greatly help you in your career direction.
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Helping students understand themselves and facilitating improved relationships through this recognition.

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