What The Students Are Sayng...

Maureen Kelly's yoga class is a unique combination Qigong and Chakra Yoga. It combines breathing, stretching, and gentle movements from one position to another that are refreshing, renewing, and revitalizing. One leaves the class feeling totally tranquil and at peace with one's self and the world. Maureen is a gifted teacher and a non-judgmental giving and loving leader.  Everyone, regardless of their level of yoga experience, are welcomed and will benefit from taking her class.

Gail, Blaine, WA

Maureen Kelly is an inspiring and innovative yoga instructor.  She is always reaching out to new experiences and fields of information and brings it all to her classes. Though her classes have a strong foundation in the basics, she adds something new to each one, literally stretching us in new ways each time. Maureen takes a personal interest in each of her students and makes each of us feel the class is
just for us.

Faith, Birch Bay, WA

I have attended Saturday morning classes with Maureen since she started teaching at the resort.   She keeps the classes fresh and new even though we cycle through the different chakras.  The classes are a great mix of flow series and meditation with a little bit of spice thrown in to keep things interesting.  After each class I leave energetic and ready for the weekend!  

-Miriam, Birch Bay, WA

After taking the Chakra Yoga class with Maureen, I became much more aware of my senses. My sense of smell was stronger and colors were much brighter, I just seem much more aware of my space. I know my horse appreciates my better balance and strength.  Its amazing the energy field I feel after the Qi-gong yoga.

Connie, Birch Bay, WA

In my years of practicing QiGong and Yin Yoga with Maureen Kelly I have received remarkable healing and a great appreciation of QiGong. Her gentle teaching fashion, knowledge of Qi Gong and Vinyasa Yoga and willingness to share it all has been inspirational. Finding Maureen Kelly as teacher and friend is a brilliant blessing.

Sally, Birch Bay, WA

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